Moab MUni Fest '05
Saturday, April 2

Our humble abode. Here follows the lineup of people who crawled out of this mess

Suave Matt in the morning at the campground

Shag says: rrrRRRRRAWR

It was damn cold. Hint for Matthew: bring something long-sleeved next year

Our instruments of madness


Camp was right next to the Colorado River

Pleasant symmetry

Screw the campfire... we went to Denny's for b-fast

Riders Nathan, Kris, and Lars on the slickrock. Awesome to ride with Kris Holm after having watched all his videos... whatta guy


Holy crap there's a lot of unicyclists here


So.. many all directions..

Quick break in the shade; meeting the colorful personalities of the muni scene


Check out the vista

Let the trials begin! Videos below:

Kris making the pedal grab and then dropping seat-out like the master he is

Ben nailing it as well!

Krazy Karl's incredible skinny hopping

K2 dropgapping


Holm climbing the next trials opportunity


Haha two wheels... weirdos

Just follow the dotted line... for eleven scorching miles

hur hur

Beard + backdrop


The watery deathpit.. we expected to find a skeleton in there

The well-deserved post-ride dinner never tasted so good

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