to Data Realms, makers of Cortex Command!

We are a small independent game development studio comprised of a handful of passionate and talented individuals physically scattered across the world, yet closely connected through the internet.

We make the games that we want to make, and publish them on our own terms. Please take a look at our current projects; we hope you like what you'll find!

Dev log...

Planetoid Pioneers at DreamHack NOW

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 22:50:45
Quick update on our presence at DreamHack Summer 2015 RIGHT NOW: Official page with info: Come see us at the DreamExpo booth located in Hall B!

Cortex Command Build 31 – NO MORE MOID LIMITS

Sat, 28 Mar 2015 17:29:24
Evgeniy “Weegee” VigovskiyStefan “Abdul” WinbergKen “CaveCricket48″ Vu Do &Jesús “GranPC” Higueras Pica bring you a MASSIVE update (on Steam right now, Humble shortly): Try doing this before on Dummy Assault! Major features: THE MOID LIMIT IS GONE*!!! (*Not truly gone, but hardly reachable) Randomized maps: create a map once, play it forever Bunker prefabs: build your bunker of any size in [...]