Data Realms
Based in Phoenix, Arizona

Founding date:
October 29, 2003


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Planetoid Pioneers
Cortex Command

+00 (1) 480 382 2271


Data Realms is an independent games studio with two dozen team members in ten countries across four continents, all committed not only to delivering solid gameplay entertainment, but to the democratization of game development by inviting players to engage in the development process in a meaningful, creativity-inspiring, and indirectly educational way.


Early history

Data Realms was founded by Dan Tabar while he was still in high school in Sweden, as a way for him to eventually break into the 'AAA' games industry overseas. Years later, the plan succeeded when an early version of the debut project, Cortex Command, helped him land a programming job at Rainbow Studios/THQ in Phoenix, Arizona. However, it didn't take long for Dan to realize that what he really wanted was not to work on big games, but to bring to market his own design which he had already poured his heart into. Thus, Dan left the THQ position to self-publish Cortex Command under the then still-experimental "early access" model, offering customers to buy a work-in-progress license of the game for a discounted price. This has allowed Data Realms to keep developing the project over a long period of time without external funding or a traditional publisher relationship.

Planetoid Pioneers

We are currently working on releasing Planetoid Pioneers out of Steam Early Access in the early fall of 2017 (date TBA). Planetoid Pioneers is a 2D physics-based action-adventure driven by User Generated Content and inspired by the classic action/exploration games Blaster Master (1988) and Exile (1988).



Planetoid Pioneers Dreamhack Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Alysia Judge from PocketGamer shines the spotlight on Planetoid Pioneers during Stugan 2015 YouTube

Niklas 'Arne' Jansson aka AndroidArts captures a whole day (8+ hours) painting art assets at Summer indie incubator Stugan for Data Realms' new title, Planetoid Pioneers YouTube

YouTuber and long-time Data Realms fan NeosForme tries out the Planetoid Pioneers Test Build 60 from April 2015 YouTube

Data Realm's own Dan Tabar talks about his experience in developing games over a longer period of time and the impact it has had on him, his team and Data Realm's products YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of Independent Games Festival 2009 Technical Excellence Award" - San Francisco, 30 March, 2009
  • "Winner of Independent Games Festival 2009 Audience Award" - San Francisco, 30 March, 2009

Data Realms Dev Log
Official Development Log of Data Realms http://devlog.datarealms.com.

Official Fan Forums
Fan-maintained Data Realms Forums http://forums.datarealms.com/.

Cortex Wiki
Fan-made and maintained Wiki for all things Cortex Command wiki.datarealms.com.

Unofficial Russian Cortex Command Fan Forums
Fan-made and run unofficial forums for the Russian-speaking world http://cortexcommandru.3dn.ru/.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Daniel "Data" Tabar
Founder, Development Director

Arne "Prometheus" Niklas Jansson
Art Direction and Production, Game Design, Tools Programming

Miroslav "Miro" Adamus
Engine Architecture Design and Programming

Danny "dannyB" Baranowsky
Music Composition and Production

Stefan "Abdul Alhazred" Winberg
AI Design and Programming

Jake "Heartsman" Harold
Marketing Production, Steamworks Economy Expertise

Chris Kruger
Platform Porting to OSX and Linux

Evgeniy "WeeGee" Vigovskiy
Game Design and Programming

Jesús "Gran PC" Higueras Pica
Programming, Steamworks Integration

Ken "CaveCricket48" Vu Do
Art and Content Production, Additional Programming

Simon "Snake" Stafsnes Andersen
Art and Content Production

Chris "Capnbubs" Mansell
Art and Content Production

Elliot "TheLastBanana" Colp
Art and Content Production

Anton "Numgun" Temba
Art and Content Production

Arne "Lizardheim" Lie Bergheim
Art and Content Production, Community Relations

Frank Earl
Platform Porting to Linux

Matias Nahuel Carballo
Backend Server Design and Programming

Anton Pikalov
1.0 Launch Trailer Direction and Production

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