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Game-only (no editors) Early Access preview to be released in Spring 2017

PC / Mac / Linux
Steam / SteamOS


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Game-Only Edition USD$9.99
Contributor Edition USD$29.99


Planetoid Pioneers is a physics-driven and community-generated 'Metroidvania' built on Data Realms’ new Crush2D game engine. The special Contributor Edition released in April 15th 2016 includes all fully integrated tools the developers themselves are using to build the game, and invites the Contributor Community to create content alongside with them. The game-only preview (with no editors) will be released in the spring of 2017, and eventually turn into the version which launches out of Early Access with all game editors, later in 2017.


Data Realms’ previous and debut game was Cortex Command, an indie title that blazed the trail of the the “Early Access” movement. Many of the people involved in Planetoid Pioneers came from the modding and fan community of Cortex Command, after having stood out as exceptionally talented creators in their own right. Planetoid Pioneers and its new game engine, Crush2D, has been in development since late 2009. It features an extremely detailed physics simulation with destructibility, game mechanics that make the most of it, and tools for creating and sharing your own content with unprecedented ease.


  • Detailed physics-driven, community-generated gameplay
  • Local 4-person pick-up-and-play co-op and p-vs-p multiplayer
  • Versatile vehicles, interesting tools, and powerful weapons
  • Alien life forms to discover, fight, mount, and turn into pets who do your bidding
  • Atomizer/Assembler that lets you absorb resources and 3D-print Blueprints with them
  • Use the in-game editor to author your own Blueprints and entire Planetoids
  • Then easily share those Blueprints or Scenes as single, self-contained .PNG image files
  • Ever-growing Asteroid Belt populated with official and Contributor Planetoids to visit
  • Powered by Data Realms' world-class, proprietary Crush2D physics and game engine
  • More details coming soon!


Planetoid Pioneers Game-Only Edition Launch Trailer (July 2017) YouTube

Planetoid Pioneers Contributor Edition Launch Trailer (April 2016) YouTube

YouTuber and long-time Data Realms fan NeosForme tries out the Planetoid Pioneers Contributor Edition Build 3 YouTube

Daniel Tabar of Data Realms exhibits the extraordinary build options of Planetoids Pioneers at GameSpot HQ (March 2016) YouTube

Planetoid Pioneers Test Build 61 Gameplay Trailer (June 2015) YouTube

Alysia Judge from PocketGamer shines the spotlight on Planetoid Pioneers during Stugan 2015 (July 2015) YouTube

Niklas 'Arne' Jansson aka AndroidArts captures a whole day (8+ hours) painting art assets at Summer indie incubator Stugan for Data Realms' new title, Planetoid Pioneers (June 2015) YouTube

Data Realms' own Dan Tabar talks about his experience in developing games over a longer period of time and the impact it has had on him, his team and Data Realm's products YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (30MB)
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01 Wrangloid1.jpg
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Trailer Screen 08.png
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Trailer Screen 09.png
05 Primoid1.jpg
05 Primoid2.jpg
04 Carnageoid4.jpg
13 Bindleoid1.jpg
10 Carnageoid3.jpg
02 Carnageoid1.jpg
09 Primoid2.jpg
03 CoOp1.jpg
14 Primoid3.jpg


Awards & Recognition

  • "Best of Quo Vadis" Quo Vadis 2016, Berlin
  • "Best of Show" Arizona Video Games Showcase at Phoenix Comicon, May 31st 2016
  • "Best Hardcore Game" Game Connection America, March 14th 2016
  • "Best Technics" Indie Game Award at Taipei Games Show, January 20th 2017
  • "Best in Show" Southwest Video Games Showcase at Phoenix Comicon, May 27th 2017

Selected Articles

  • "What it lets you create is anything."
    - Chris Norris-Jones, PC Gamer
  • "Planetoid Pioneers Is Spore Meets Garry’s Mod In 2D"
    - Graham Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "I put my car into space sandbox Planetoid Pioneers so I could drive it on the moon"
    - Matt Sayer, PC Gamer
  • "The game has great potential thanks to its powerful design tools and open source attitude."
    - Charlotte Onidra, Game-Guide.fr

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Data Realms is an independent games studio with two dozen team members in ten countries across four continents, all committed not only to delivering solid gameplay entertainment, but to the democratization of game development by inviting players to engage in the development process in a meaningful, creativity-inspiring, and indirectly educational way.

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